• How the Battle Against the Evil Self is Won | By Nabi Raza Abidi

    Posted on March 4, 2018 Under
    despair fighting nafs

    In the battle against one's evil inclinations, despair can sometimes overtake us. With the right mindset, one can overcome this despair. By Nabi Raza Abidi There is no...

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  • Change Begins With Our Own Thoughts

    Posted on October 30, 2017 Under

    The quality of our lives depends on our thoughts, by changing our thoughts we change the world around us. By Nabi Raza Abidi Modern discourse often trivializes the link...

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  • Artificial Islam by Nabi Raza Abidi

    Posted on August 4, 2017 Under
    Artificial Islam Nabi Raza Abidi

    Pretentious religious lives devoted to pleasing others rather than God leads to the death of the human heart. It is only through diligent self-awareness of one’s own...

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