• Greetings for the Month of Rajab 2018

    Posted on April 1, 2018
    Category : Moulana's Message
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    A plant does not suddenly appear out of nowhere. It starts as a seed and gradually grows in stages. But for a plant to be healthy, it must also receive adequate amounts of water, nutrients and sunshine. In other words, it must be properly taken care of. The history of the soul can also be seen this way.

    In Islam, the purpose of a person’s existence is to reach communion with God (liqā Allāh). The month of Rajab is the start of the renewal of a person’s soul and the renewal of one’s quest for union with God. In this sense, Rajab is the month of reseeding our faith and relationship with Allah. We nourish this seed with spiritual water and sun through various recommended ritual practices and by following the example and blueprint which the Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Ahl al-Bayt (as) both in their teachings and their exemplary lives.

    The seed eventually grows into a plant during the month of Shaʿbān. In this month, we continue to grow the plant by nourishing the soul with proper akhlāq and observing our duties towards God.

    Why do we do this? These actions of renewal are there to prepare us for the coming holy month of Ramaḍān. Ramaḍān is a critical month for our quest to reach spiritual perfection and for our salvation as Muslims in the Hereafter. For a month of such importance, do we really want to enter it empty handed? Obviously not: we want to enter it spiritually renewed so that we may take our relationship with Allah to the next level. Let us therefore take advantage of this beautiful month of Rajab. Let us grow this seed of faith by following the example of the Prophet (s) and the Ahl al-Bayt (as) and serving the oppressed of the world through prayer and good deeds. By following the right role models and serving God’s creatures all around the earth we open the opportunity to finally reach communion with Him.