• Career Week at SABA Academy

    Posted on June 6, 2016
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    Career Week at SABA Academy

    We welcomed great speakers from a variety of fields in the past week. Please see short descriptions of their talks below:

    Br. Ali (M.D.) talked about how medicine is a very fun and rewarding field that would be a great career option for those who enjoy solving challenging problems and receive gratification through helping others. While becoming a physician is great for people who like science, medicine is a very diverse field that can be also be intriguing for people who like research or engineering. Br. Ali suggested that SABA Academy students make sure to do their best in school, engage in leadership activities, and pursue every opportunity they can to help others

    Sr. Ailya (M.D.) spoke to students about always pursuing their dreams and passion. She told them about her personal struggles in pursuing her dreams, with respect to being a mom of two kids, having a part-time job and then studying for about 4 years to pass her board exams. She emphasized the importance of doing what they love to do in life, in order to increase personal satisfaction and productivity. To achieve their goals, they have to narrow down their choices and shadow personnel working in those fields to obtain a better understanding of the work’s requirements. Sr. Aliya also emphasized the importance of working hard and having complete faith and tawakkul to Allah for the best results.

    Br. Asad head of business development for Pebble Watch shared a brief overview of what he does on a day-to-day basis. This included discussing details about what innovation and disruption mean. He engaged with students in how to focus their time on thinking through the problems they face in their lives, finding solutions, and then understanding how one takes those problems to create startups. The middle school group named their startup FreeFi, and their mission was to make wifi available everywhere and for free. The younger kids invented a new type of clock that would speak when it was time to go to recess and when the time changes.

    Br. Amin, Director of Innovative Research at an industrial biotechnology company, spoke about the various applications and careers related to microbiology. The students asked a lot of questions, applying their observations from Don Edwards and even discussing the possibility of microbial life in space!

    Br. Asad Akbar spoke about entrepreneurship with regards to his halal beef jerky company. He spoke about how a good business starts by identifying a problem, and then following through with a solution. He also spoke about the importance of a solid work ethic, which is required to make a business run. He spoke to students about Halal Jerky’s products and how they come to market.

    Sr. Malak discussed her degree in Social Work Therapy and her career at a hospital as a Case Manager. Patient care was discussed, and how a case manager’s job is to insure patient safety when discharging from the hospital. The students had many questions about the discharge process and Sr. Malak’s education.

    Br. Arshad as Fitness professional talked about staying focused and being active everyday for 30-60 minutes. He also discussed how it is critical to have 7-9 hrs of sleep each night, and the benefits of minimizing screen time. Br. Arshad also discussed how to avoid various problems like neck pain, and how
    fitness professionals help people live more stress-free lives.

    The SABA Islamic Center (Shia Association of Bay Area) is located in San Jose, California and is led by Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi.