• A Person is Known by his Tongue, not Social Position

    Posted on August 23, 2016
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    You are known by your tongue, not your social position

    Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi discusses how the tongue is what establishes what you really know about a person, not academic degrees and social position.


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    It has been narrated from Nafi’ from b. ‘Umar that he said, the Messenger of Allah (S) said, “May (Allah) have mercy on that servant who gains benefit when he speaks, or one who is protected through maintaining silence. Surely the tongue is the thing which wields the most authority over a person. Be aware that everything that servant speaks is against him, except for the remembrance of Allah, the High, or the commanding of others to that which is right or preventing them from that which is evil, or setting the affair right between two believers.”

    One of the companions named Ma’adh b. Jabal said, “O’ Messenger of Allah! Will we be held accountable for that which we speak?” The Prophet replied, “Is there anything else except an active tongue of a person that will lead him into the hell fire? So then whoever seeks safety (from the fire), then let him protect that which comes out from his tongue.”1

    In this tradition, the Prophet (S) alluded to some issues regarding the tongue2 and has stated that, “May Allah’s mercy be upon that servant whom people can benefit from his speech and who observes silence in order to stay safe and protected.” In this part of the tradition, there are two important issues which we must mention:

    1. More than anything else which is within the body of a person, it is the tongue which rules and controls one. The peculiarities that exist and which are limited to that person who has a tongue can not be seen in any other body part nor in any other creation.

    a. The tongue is always at the disposal of the person. Sometimes the following similitude is given that, “For a person to speak is like drinking water.” Even still, if a person wants to drink water we see that there are some prerequisites which must be fulfilled and carried out, however in order to speak there are no prerequisites.

    b. The dangers of the tongue cannot be compared to the dangers of any other body part, and the major sins which can be committed by the tongue number apout twenty or thirty!3

    c. The despicability of the sins of the tongue are not very detested in the sight of the people and when this occurs, then the danger and hazard of performing them also increase. If – may Allah (SwT) protect us – a person performs adultery then he has definitely done a very bad act in the sight of the people. However if he was to backbite another person – then as it is mentioned in the traditions, this is actually worse than adultery and even worse than drinking alcohol and its punishment is much more severe! Normally, in the beliefs of other people, the despicability of the act of backbiting is something minor, or it may not even be considered as something bad at all!

    The Prophet (S) then continued his speech and said that, “Everything that a person says is against him, except for three types of speech” and this limit or threshold is a true and factual threshold and there is no room to say that this is a symbolic gesture on behalf of the Prophet (S). These three things include: the remembrance of Allah; Amr bil Ma’ruf and Nahl ‘Anil Munkar; and making amends between two believers.

    We must make sure that all of that which we speak in this world are limited to these three issues and if we fall out of this boundary, then we will definitely incur loss.

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